We are highly responsible towards the premium satisfaction of our clients it has been our constant endeavor to provide:

  • Premium Quality & Product Durability
  • Wide Range & Various Finishes/Textures
  • Customer Care

Premium Quality & Product Durability:
In order to achieve the required standards to ensure Premium Quality & Product Durability stringent measures are undertaken by us at Litolier Marble that, involve the following processes.

We import only premium quality stone blocks which are bought by the European, Japanese and American markets. Each and every block of stone is personally inspected and sourced by our people, in order to provide our clients with the best possible quality available in natural stone. We at Litolier Marble take the utmost care and precision to make sure we provide long term product durability by controlling and closely monitoring, thickness, fiber backing, filling and polishing processes of our materials. We provide most materials with 18mm thick slabs as it is an extremely important factor in determining the strength and longevity of the product. The next step undertaken by us is to apply high quality glass wool fiber behind the slabs, which in turn provides additional strength. After which, we fill the unpolished raw slabs with top quality epoxy or resin on the surface to seal any tiny natural veins. The final step involved in ensuring premium quality & product durability to our clients is, finishing the stone with top quality gloss/mirror polish.

Wide Range & Various Finishes/Textures:
We at Litolier Marble offer over 100 exclusive colors in international marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone, and semi-precious options to our clients. With the best from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Norway. We also offer our esteemed customers various finishes and textures to choose from which include high gloss, sand blasted, river wash, honed, and bush hammered finishes.

Customer Care:
We are always available at Litolier Marble to our clients for any issues or concerns they might have either before or after purchasing our natural stone products. Our stone experts guide our clients as to the proper installation, usage and after care required for natural stones. We strongly believe in after sales service and long term relationship building with our clients. At Litolier Marble not only are you spoilt for choice but, you can also be confident about selecting the right quality product for your personal and commercial spaces!!!